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The Hate You Give

Taylen Abbott, Sports Editor

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The movie “The Hate U Give” written by Audrey Wells (screenplay) and Angie Thomas (novel) was released to theaters October 19. This emotional and moving movie is full of exciting content that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout.
The movie shows the struggles and the problems with our society in modern day. The main character Starr Carter, (Amandla Sternberg) witnessed her childhood best friend Khalil Harris (Algee Smith) a biracial teenager who was driving in a car with Starr and gets pulled over. After the white police officer grew irritated and frustrated with, he told him to come out of the car and keep his hands on the roof of the car while the officer ran Khalil’s license. Instead of Khalil listening to the officer he went to the driver side window to see how Starr was doing and in the process Khalil reached in the car to grab a brush. The officer then got out his car and without telling Khalil to put his hands up or freeze the officer shoots Khalil twice killing him. After Starr runs out of the car to see Khalil the officer cuffs Starr and kept screaming “Where’s the gun?” Starr replies while sobbing “What gun?”
The real question throughout the movie that never gets answered is if the officer shot immediately because he felt threatened or because Khalil was biracial. April Ofrah is a speaker for Just Us For Justice who speaks at Khalil’s funeral on how Khalil can’t speak for himself so the witness (Starr) and the people in the community must do it for him with peaceful protesting and marches. Ofrah encouraged and wanted to have Starr do a interview on and speak on Khalil’s behalf. Lisa Carter (Regina Hall) tells Ofrah and Starr that Starr should not and won’t do the interview. The movie has many obstacles and challenges that not just are occurring in the movie but in the real world; that’s why is so great and the best inspirational movie of 2018 and one of the best movies in general for 2018.

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Taylen Abbott, Sports Editor and Photographer

Grade: 10

Position on staff: Sports Editor, Photographer

Fun fact about me:I start at middle linebacker and wide receiver and second string running...

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The Hate You Give