An Inside Look to Pankow Classes

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The F.V Pankow Center is a school away from school. While only minutes away from LCN, it houses schools from L’Anse Creuse to Merit Academy.. It’s an escape from the typical high school with core classes and a few dispersed electives. Pankow prepares students for the career fields they want to go into and helps them learn many life skills.

The Early Childhood class is designed to prepare students who want to become teachers or childcare directors. The class runs an actual preschool through the Pankow center where 3-4 year old kids come to school every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday to be taught by Teacher Mrs. Heather Turak with the help of the high school students who are also known as teachers. High schoolers are taught by Mrs. Kathy Dier and Mrs. Claudia Hofbauer. High schoolers participate in teaching preschoolers skills in large motor, math, science, English, reading, social studies and so much more!

The Health Occupation class is for students who dream of using their skills to help others as future nurses and doctors. The class deals with lots of anatomy and physiology which is all about the human body. Ja’Lea Echols, an L’Anse Creuse High School- North senior, takes the class in hopes to become a Pediatric Oncologist. “My favorite part of the class is learning about the body and how it works! It’s very intriguing!” Echols says, “Others should take this class because it looks good on college applications (sic.), it prepares you for your career and its overall fun! I love it so much!”

The Culinary Arts class is where students learn how to work in a kitchen and a real restaurant. The Creuse Café is an open to the public restaurant inside the Pankow center that open to teachers, bus drivers, family, and anyone who wants to come get a quick bite at a low cost! The class is complete with a full restaurant kitchen with state of the art equipment where students will rotate from jobs like bake shop, hot line, cold line, front of the house and others. They develop knife skills, learn how to work with meats, host and wait on customers, and a much more.  The students have catered to many school functions and school board banquets over the years.

The Video Broadcast class gives students hands-on experience with filming, editing, and producing videos.  If you already take a Pankow class, you may occasionally see a few video broadcast students pop in to film your class or interview fellow students. “My favorite thing to do in class is to cast and edit videos.” Says LCN junior, Ethan Alwardt. The class also has a whole broadcast TV set that appears to look like a news room. The room is also decked out in the latest gadgets, computers, and editing tools.


The Horticulture class is where students work with plants and animals. Many students at the sending schools of Pankow center purchase their homecoming corsages from them. As well as learning how to make floral arrangements. There is also a food science class where the students also make their own tea, and freeze dries fruits and ice cream. They also compete in many competitions for their skills state and country wide. If you are a Pankow student, chances are that later in the year you may stop by during ‘Farm Day’ where they bring in animals like; horses, pigs, goats, rabbits, ducklings, and so much more for students to enjoy and learn about.  This class also is accompanied by its very own greenhouse.

Auto Body and Collision courses are perfect for those who have a passion for old and new cars, and hope to someday work with them. This class gives students a world of experience and leaves them knowing almost any car inside out. Students will learn skills such as making oil changes, painting cars, and replacing engines. They also participate in paint-job competitions and have won many awards in the past.