Talented Crusaders Take to the Stage

Erin Koscielski, Photo Editor

This year at L’Anse Creuse High School-North, many talented students will come together to compete in a talent show. The event will take place on November 20, 2018 at the John Armstrong Performing Arts Center, tickets will be sold for five dollars at the entrance.
The audience can expect many vocal performances this year. The following listed will be singing in the show:

Paige Lyons ‘19
Sam Kesek ‘21 and Armando Crespo ‘21
Carmen Blonde ‘22
Desaray Froh ‘19
Electric Bagels (a band)
Eden Ciullo ‘21
Paige Apple ‘20
Bekka Plitz ‘19
Megan Houlihan ‘21

Going along with a musical theme, there are a few students who will be performing an instrumental act. The musicians are the following:

Connor Langdon, playing the piano ‘19
Lynn Lam, playing the piano ‘20

There will also be several miscellaneous acts during the show:

Jack Hammons, with a magic act ‘19
Jon Tomanek, with a karate act ‘22
Julie Belloli, with dance act ‘19

The two volunteers who will announce the acts are Cole Tucker ‘22 and Bella Moskwa ‘22. The judges for the contest are: Mr. Ekdahl, Mrs. Hoggard, Mrs. Kahl, Mr. Kroll, and Mrs. Macomber. All funds raised will be going to the Camp Cavell Program, a leadership program where students are hand-picked to enhance their leadership skills.