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Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Nayely Espinosa-Perez, Opinion Editor

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Christmas is just around the corner. People are so focused buying Christmas presents. Every day is passing by in a blink of an eye. However, as people focus on buying the main gifts, the small stocking gifts are put on hold. Don’t worry! Here are some simple ideas to put together a stocking that will reflect their personality and put a smile on their face.

Before anything, the first thing you have to ask yourself is what kind of person am I making a Christmas stocking for? Are they sporty? Are they more of a book-smart person? What do they like to do on their free time? What are some small things that they need? What is my budget? Being able to just answer these few basic questions will direct you towards what you will have to be shopping for. It is very important to know what your budget is, especially when you are shopping for more than one person.

Whether the person your shopping for is a male or female, the main goal is to get them a few things that they use on a daily basis, and small gifts that will come in handy. From their favorite candy to a new toothbrush, or cleansing face wipes are all things to keep in mind. There is not a rule that says you have to stick to one topic or spend a lot of money on a Christmas stocking, after all, a stocking is composed of small things that are practical, yet enjoyable.

Furthermore, if you are shopping for a sporty-type person, buying them deodorant is a good start.  Deodorant is something that they use on a daily basis. Consider what sport they play. Do they need new gloves? Do they need a new baseball? How about a Tennis ball? Hair ties, chapstick, gum, and a water bottle are good things to add in their stocking. Being athletic is all about building muscle, so Protein Powder and bars are great additions to a stocking. Sports socks are also a good idea, and perhaps throw in some of their favorite candy-  after those workout sessions and games, they definitely deserve a cheat day.

On the other hand, if you are putting together a Christmas stocking for someone who is intelectual, loves to read, or a stay-in kind of person, purchasing a book from their favorite authors or throwing in a gift card from Barnes & Noble for them would demonstrate that you not only show interest on what they love, but you are also showing them that you actually take the time to put things in their stockings that match their personality. This just shows that you put a lot of thought into it. Soaps or bath bombs from lush for a girl will truly make their day. As for guys, a gift card to their favorite store, underwear, or shaving cream is a great addition.

Overall, anything can be added to a Christmas stocking. Soap, shampoo, gift cards, candy, make-up, lotion, perfume, colognes, and t-shirts are all great things to add to a Christmas stocking.


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Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas