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The Decline in Gas Prices

More Happy Faces as Gas Prices Drop

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The Decline in Gas Prices

Lauren Kahl

Lauren Kahl

Lauren Kahl

Nayeley Espinoza-Perez, Opinions Editor

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As more people use their gas to go places, gas prices are something to keep an eye on, for gas prices in Michigan and around the United States- as we speak- are in peoples favor.”

— Nayeley Espinoza-Perez

A car is a necessity. You want to hang out with your friends? You need a car. You need to get to school or college? You need a car. You have a job to get to? You need a car. Indeed, having a car is a must, and given the fact that society needs a car to carry on with their life duties, the price in gas matters immensely.

The holiday season is here; people are traveling long distances for the holidays. Not to mention that driving to stores to get all the Christmas shopping done definitely uses up a chunk of gas. As more people use their gas to go places, gas prices is something people should keep an eye on, for gas prices in Michigan and around the United States— as we speak— are in people’s favor.

Regarding on why gas prices have dropped, Greg Haas Director, Integrated Oil and Gas Stratas Advisor says, “The supply-demand balance in natural gas markets has been thin in 2018. As the year draws to a close, even the 8 Bcf/d production gain year-on-year has not been sufficient to keep up with demand and exports. This has subsequently left little buffer in the storage inventory”. The oversupplied market on gas has recently had an effect on the people—a good one indeed. Since gas prices have been high, there has been a low demand on it making companies’ profit lower than expected. Decreasing gas prices will not only allow the demand to increase but it will also allow the equilibrium, where the supply and demand are balanced out, to meet criterias.

In addition, Don Reid, from The Daily Reporter, says, “ AAA Michigan reported prices dropped an average of 8 cents last week, with an averaged $2.26 across the state while GasBuddy’s daily survey of 4,913 stations in Michigan reported a decrease of 8.6 cents per gallon, averaging $2.24 on Sunday.” The continuation of decreased gas prices has saved the average person 13 dollars to fill their gas tank. Clearly, the drop in gas prices has saved the population money.

Without a doubt, the drop of gas prices has been needed, so get your car and fill your tanks to enjoy this Christmas holiday. People will unquestionably have their pockets jingling with money.

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The Decline in Gas Prices