Thank You, Next Review

picture: Google Images

picture: Google Images

Victoria Myers, News Editor

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It has been quite a year for singer, Ariana Grande, she has released an album and on November 3, 2018 she released a new single “thank, u next”. The song was soon accompanied by a throwback themed music video.
The music video for “thank u, next” was comprised of several references to teen movies, all of which many consider to be iconic. The video opens with a recreation of a scene from Mean Girls (2004) with Grande playing Regina George (originally played by Rachel McAdams). The Bring It On franchise is also referenced with Grande playing Torrance Shipman (originally played by Kirsten Dunst). Grande brought in Jennifer Coolidge to recreate iconic scenes from Legally Blonde. 13 Going on 30 is referenced by Grande as she plays Jennifer Garner’s character Jenna Rink.
Many were puzzled when Grande released photos in which she was dressed as the iconic movie characters. All confusions were set aside when the throwback themed video was released. Ray Baker, ‘19 was left out of the loop however, “I was confused before I realized they were referencing movies,” said Baker. Many were surprised by the theme, but others enjoyed the movie references. “I loved the re-enactment of the Christmas scene from Mean Girls because it’s one of my favorite movies,” said Jaye Cotton, ‘21. The movie recreations were very well done and certainly captured the entertainment value of the films.
The music video was so incredibly entertaining to watch. It is impossible to catch every movie reference in just one viewing. Grande masterfully transformed herself into each character and also created realistic sets, but with her special style. The costumes were well put together on all members of the cast including the extras and added a modern twist to classic movies.
I have never been so thoroughly entertained by a music video. The inclusion of almost the entire Victorious cast made the music video feel even more nostalgic for me and it added a personal touch from Grande’s life outside of creating music. I could not have asked for a better presentation of the depicted movies; the costumes were top-notch, especially the costumes from Mean Girls. Bringing in actors from the original films was an excellent decision on Grande’s part because it aided in the realism of the production. This music video could easily win multiple awards in the coming award season.