Chinese Concentration Camps Wreak Havoc for Muslim Population

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Gina Hofbauer, Features Editor

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Millions of Chinese and Turkic Muslims are disappearing and being sent to China’s “Re-education Centers.” Families are being torn apart and people are being brutally tortured and murdered in these camps, showing similarities to the largest mass murderers, Adolf Hitler’s camps. However; most people are clueless to this happening.

China heavily filters what information leaves and enters their country, as well as what news people can get their hands on. This means that many people around the world are clueless to this mass murder being carried out. Although, Turkic and Uighur Muslims are being specifically targeted, any citizen in China who shows any form of religion will be captured and sent to the camps. For simply saying “God bless you” after someone sneezes could cost you your life. While most towns in East Turkestan are being cleared out by 70-80%, schools and factories are being transformed into concentration camps to hold them.

These camps are where the Chinese government forces all captives to give up their religion and adopt Atheism as well as pledge allegiance to the Chinese state. Prisoners are forced to spend hours on end with soldiers chanting in their crowded cells, “There is no such thing as religion”, “All hail Chinese state”, and “All hail Xi Jinping” (The Chinese president). If detainees resist anything asked of them, a wide and dark range of torture is used. People are having their nails and teeth pulled out, snakes are used to interrogate, some are beaten until dead and women are being sterilized, a method of torture used in genocide. Some prisoners also have been exposed to a Tiger chair, which is when a prisoner is clamped tightly down on a chair and left for hours on end in solitary confinement. It’s clear innocent people are being murdered inside these camps, there is just no way to know how many. Burial is very important to those who follow a Muslim religion that may be a factor in why the Chinese government has decided to burn the bodies or murdered detainees on site. This way, China can hide the evidence of how many bodies are coming out of the camps- a tactic also used by Adolf Hitler. Citizens are unaware of what camps their families and friends are in, let alone if they’re alive or not.  All of these things are happening in secret and only a few live to speak of the little information they know. Other detainees are also being sent from camps to prisons, an estimated few thousand daily.

Lives for those outside the camps aren’t great either. Children of detainees are sent to state-run orphanages and boarding schools where they are taught to hate their own religions, beliefs, forced to adopt atheism, as well as being forced to speak Chinese. These children are ripped from their homes and the arms of their parents and being shipped to a mysterious place where they cannot even speak the language they are raised on as well as having no clue where their parents are or if they’re even alive. Other Uyghur Muslims that have narrowly escaped the camps are forced to have Han government soldiers live with them to make sure they are not practicing religion or speaking in a language other than Chinese.  The soldiers then assess their political views and determine if they should be sent to the camps, or jail. Muslim women are being forced into marriage of Han men. People with any type of ethnic name that is not Chinese are forced to change them or will be prosecuted.

The end question is why? Why are millions of innocent people’s lives being ruined and ended over their religion? The easiest answer is East Turkestan is a very rich country in minerals and resources. China believes by putting their people into camps and carrying out ‘ethnic cleansing’, China will maintain tight control over Turkestan. The more Muslims China captures and kills, the less are available to defend Turkestan.