Winter Date Ideas

Brenna Filbey, Copy Editor

The holidays are here again, and along with the business, more time with loved ones. If you have a significant other, one of the best things to do during winter break is spend time with that person, so why not plan a date that they’ll love?

  1. Ice Skating

Probably one of the cheesiest winter date ideas, but it’s a classic. Open skates are especially fun with music and at a slightly later time, so there will be less little kids on the ice. A dinner or snack before or after ice skating makes for a fun night. The calendars for both Suburban Ice and Mt. Clemens Ice Arena are attached. Other locations might also include Hart Plaza in Detroit, which is popular skating destination.

Suburban ice:

Mt. Clemens:

  1. Decorating

For a night in, invite your s.o. over to help you decorate. Put the radio on a Christmas station (100.3 or 98.7) and get to work. Have fun by singing along and getting into the holiday spirit. Maybe pop some cookies in the oven, decorate the tree, or decorate a gingerbread house.

  1. Rochester Lights

Yet another classic winter date idea. Downtown Rochester is a perfect place to go for a night out. The Christmas lights make walking around magical, and the dessert places are all so yummy. Christmas music is heard in the background as you walk around, and there are even cute shops to stop in for gift ideas.

  1. Sledding

Bundle up for this winter date- when we get snow. Grab some hot coca and go to one of the many sledding hills around town. Sledding locations include: Mt. Clemens Ice Arena’s hill, New Baltimore, and Richmond.

  1. Movie Marathon

Comfy clothes required. Stay comfy cozy and snuggle up while watching the timeless classics of Christmas. The Grinch, Frosty the Snowman, The Home Alone movies and Rudolph are just a few ideas to start with.