College Essentials

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Victoria Myers, News Editor

There are lots of tasks to be done before college move-in day in August; one of the most difficult being shopping for dorm supplies.
Something every college student needs is a good bed set. This can include: a comforter, pillows, a sheet set, and a blanket . Those items are most likely a given in the eyes of college students and their guardians, but there are other items that can make the student’s college experience more comfortable. A mattress pad is a must when sleeping on dorm room beds which are notoriously firm and uncomfortable. The mattress pads come in a variety of materials, including an egg crate pad- the most basic-, memory foam, and gel foam. All three vary in price from store to store, but would make for a much better night sleep. Many parents worry about the cleanliness of the dorm room beds, but a mattress protector is an extra layer between the student and the mattress. Other essentials to keep in mind would be: extra sets of sheets and extra blankets, especially if the school is in a colder climate.
Items for the bathroom will be a necessity. Multiple sets of towels will make life much easier and there will be less frequent laundromat trips. A shower curtain is also a necessity, but many colleges provide one; however, one purchased by a student could add a touch of personal style to a normally drab dorm restroom. Dorm showers are not exactly full of storage space, so a shower caddy may be a wise investment to transport shower supplies to and from the restroom. Shower shoes may not seem necessary because many colleges have abandoned the communal restrooms, but in some cases showers can be shared with 3-4 strangers and shower shoes could be a helpful barrier from germs. At least one occupant in the dorm will have to provide a trash can for the shared restroom; communication is key.
Kitchen supplies will always come in hand. Many colleges offer meal plans where food is almost always accessible, but there will be a day where the weather is not the best and going out to a dining hall will feel like a chore. Mugs, bowls, and utensils are the kitchenware that college students typically have on hand; however, there are various kitchen items that are essential to college students. A coffee maker saves money that could be spent at Starbucks and can be purchased and shared by the entire dorm.
There are several miscellaneous items that could be very helpful during the college living experience. Under-bed storage can be helpful especially in a cramped dorm, these can be found at most department stores and online. Spare seating for the dorm could make the living space feel more like home, some ideas could be: folding butterfly chairs, bean bag chairs, or even a rolling desk chair. Using items for more than one purpose can declutter a room and even organize it. Storage ottomans can be great for seating and for storage in a dorm.
Everyone has a different college experience, these items might not work for some, but could be a saving grace to others. There are many other items that could ease the college experience for all students