Everything You Need To Know About The Grammys

Everything You Need To Know About The Grammys

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Victorianna Beels, Business Manager

The 61st annual Grammy Awards are coming upon us very quickly. The musical event of the year- to see which one of your favorite artists will get the recognition they deserve to win. On Monday, December 3, it was announced that the list of the nominees for the Grammys would be postponed due to scheduling conflicts with former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral and viewing. The Nominations were originally planned to be released on Wednesday, December 5, but were moved to be announced on Friday December 7.

Many awards shows, including the Grammys, have faced a lot of difficulty this year finding hosts of their shows. This is because the media has been revealing things about the celebrity’s pasts and making accusations about them being racist, sexually assaulting others, and other controversial matters. These accusations are to some extent ruining many careers.

The nominations are currently released on www.Grammy.com. Zach Cary ‘20 states, “I think that Shawn Mendes In My Blood deserves to win song of the year because it gets you in your feels.” The Grammys will premiere February 10, 2019 at the Staples Center or tune in on CBS.