“It Takes a Village”

Morgan Sputa, Editor-in-Chief

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In the fall of 2017, L’Anse Creuse High School North started a new program called “Villages and Houses.” On specified half days throughout the school year, the students a part of these clubs will meet with their village group for one hour in between their classes held on those half days. “Villages” are clubs that range from various topics and activities that range from coloring village, ping pong village all the way to Harry Potter village. “Houses” are freshman only type villages. Here will be a classroom full of freshman playing fun games and activities, learning how to manage their time properly, and to make new friends that they hopefully will have for the rest of their time in high school and in life. This program was created in order to get the student body more involved in school and meet new people that they may not typically socialize with on a daily basis. Every village is ran by one or more LCN staff members, whereas houses are led by students a part of the Link Crew program, a student organization of upperclassmen, and the LCN Leadership students.

Basketball Village

Led by: Johnston, Nader, Trebnick, located in the gym

During their time in the basketball village, students will learn about the history of the game, as well as playing a few basketball games.

Book Club

Led by: Parmentier and O’Connell, room 133

“Students get an opportunity to discuss the current books they are reading and also discuss different genre and author’s they like.  The members created a list of books they would recommend to other students interested in reading and they made book marks. This year we are planning to choose a title that was also portrayed as a movie.  The students are going to compare the book to the movie and have discussions about the similarities and differences and which one they liked better,” said Kathy Parmentier, village leader. If you enjoy reading and discussing books, this is your place to be next fall!


Catch Up Village

Led by: Freigruber, room 102

Here in catch up village, “students that want extra time to complete assignments, projects, or study for tests.  I would hope that students will find less missing work and improved grades as a result of being a member.  As I have access to powerschool being a special ed. Teacher, I can look up student grades and individual classes.  This is helpful in assisting students with organization and to show them their progress,” said Freigruber.

Coloring Village

Led by: Hancock, Martin, Verheye, Weaver, Filmore, Ebury, Springsteen, Kroll, Irla and Zaitz, rooms: 131, 123, 121, 149, 221, 126, 142, 228, 211, and 209

Coloring village is the most populated of all the villages at LCN. Coloring is a major de-stressor for a lot of students and even one of the village leaders, Verheye. “I even took coloring books and crayons to college,” says Verheye. If you need to decompress and color in a fun picture or two, come on down to coloring village!


Cribbage Village

Led by: Ball, room 109

If you’re looking to change things up and stray from common games, come on down to cribbage village. “Cribbage is a card game played using a cribbage board and pegs to keep score,” says village leader Ball.


De-Stress Village

Led by: Lammers and Merkel, room 117

“Our goal is to show students some techniques they can use when they are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. During the first village, we watched a video with various techniques to decreases stress and since then we have been randomly incorporating some into the village. Some examples include unplugging from technology, coloring, meditating, and cooking healthy foods/snacks.” This past Thursday, the village practiced aromatherapy and making scented linen sprays.


Doodles Village

Led by: Willoughby, room 140

In the doodles village, Willoughby has the students create their own works of art and create fun pictures during activities.


Farming Village

Led by: Hubbard, room 120

“I would like students to take a couple things from our village. I would love for students to see where their food comes from and I would love to teach students how to grow their own food so they can start to grow their own fresh, organic food at home. Also, I want to teach students to be responsible.  Growing plants takes responsibility.  You have to make sure they are getting watered and are getting enough light. Lastly, I want students to see how rewarding it can be to create something on your own,” says Hubbard.

Flower Barn and Crafts Village

Led by: Coleman, room 147

In the flower barn village, students just finished painting small seedling planters with acrylic paints and will plant seeds in those in the spring to grow. “We are working on designing and making small flower pots from clay. We will glaze those and plant flowers to give to people,” says Coleman.


Game Club

Led by: Curtis, Odziana, and Dissette, room 240

Winner Winner!, In the game club village, students get to enjoy games such as Uno, Connect Four, Chess, Checkers, Battleship, and Jenga. Come play a few friendly games with your classmates in game club!


Harry Potter Village

Led by: Macomber and Marino, room 125

This village meets at “Platform 9 3/4” every time they get together. On the first day of Harry Potter village students received an acceptance letter to Hogwarts. “We sorted our students into Houses and we began competing for the House Cup. We have made our own wands, Howlers, and created the Monsters Book of Monsters so far,” says Marino.


Martial Arts Village

Led by: Crescentini and Patterson, located in the wrestling room inside the gym

In the martial arts village, “It’s more than just punching, kicking, and fighting. It is about mind, body, spirit, and respect. Combat methods that lack respect are not martial arts but merely contemptible violence,” said Crescentini. He states, “The best self-defense is to not be there.” Crescentini and Patterson had Sensei Dean Romanelli of Romanelli’s International Martial Arts teach their students.


Mindful Meditation Village

Led by: Hammes, room 226

Hammes says, “I am hopeful that the students in my village learn to live in the present moment as often as possible and that they learn to live a more peaceful, joyful, and calm coexistence both here at L’anse Creuse High School North and in their daily lives. I ADORE my village and the participants! We meditate, take nature walks, do deep breathing activities, study crystals and their properties, and use positive affirmations to align ourselves with each other and the universe.” This is definitely a relaxing way to spend an hour on a half day!


Scrapbooking Village

Led by: Strozewski, room 119

If you’re looking to get crafty with some old or new memories, head on over to the scrapbooking village! “The purpose of scrapbooking is to document an event or time in your life through pictures, journaling, and artifacts. How long it takes depends on how many pages your scrapbook has and what ‘events’ you are including. Most students only complete a page or two during each village time. For example, some students scrapbooked their Homecoming pictures during one of our sessions. They may be including those pages in a scrapbook of their whole senior year which would take them several months to complete depending on how often they were scrapbooking.

I have seasonal themed paper available so students can scrapbook their fall visit to an apple orchard or Halloween parties or pictures of them sledding/skiing. I also keep black and gold paper well stocked so students can scrapbook any LCN events they took pictures at. The toughest part about scrapbooking is students don’t print their pictures out anymore. I send them updates through Remind so they come to the Village with pictures printed and ready to scrapbook,” said Strozewski.


Soccer Village

Led by: Boice and Sabanovic, located in the right side of the gym

“The Soccer Village focuses on the development of how to become a better soccer player technically, tactically and psychologically.  The final goal will be to get players looking beyond themselves and look at how a team is developed.  Emphasis on learning the game and then eventually how to become a coach,” says Boice. During some of the village time, the students will: Play soccer (small sided games), earn United States Soccer Federation F Coaching License,

Formations 3-5-2, 4-4-2, how to get recruited, planning a practice, skill development

Dealing with parents, talent evaluation, rules of the game, how to scout an opponent

team building activities, coaching boys versus coaching girls. How to handle referees and team management.


Trading Card Game Village

Led by: Lynch, room 118

This is a brand new village this year. So far the village consists of students playing games such as Magic the Gathering & Yugioh.


Volunteer Village

Led by: Blanks, Cote, and Kelly, located in the LGI

“It’s important to give back without gaining anything in return,” says leaders, Blanks, Cote, and Kelly. This is what volunteer village is all about, giving back. During the time in their village, students will collect notebooks, folders and other necessities and those items will be donated to those in need.


Yarn Crafters Village

Led by: Woonton, room 224

One of the many craft-type villages is yarn village, Woonton started this village, because her mom had taught her how to knit and crochet when she was young. “I loved being able to make my own hats, scarves, and afghans. It was also a way to relax and visit with others. As an adult, I learned how to spin wool. I am amazed that a material like sheep’s wool can be transformed into a thing of beauty. I would like students to appreciate the skills of our ancestors; discover how fun and relaxing crafting with yarn can be; and create useful and modern items with their own hands.” Expand your horizons and try knitting a scarf or two!


Link Crew Houses

Led by: Link Crew students, Roggeman, Owensby, Kahl, Hicks, Ekdahl, Hagel, Chambers, Wissman, Lovins, Mignot, Coleman, Osier, Weber, Hough, Xing, Woodward, Dubay, Alwardt, Cook, VanThomme, and Johnson

The freshman houses play fun holiday themed games, learn helpful tips for school and in life, as well as making new, lifelong friendships!