The Fundamental Meaning of Being Called a Mom Friend

Brenna Filbey, Copy Editor

Mom friends: the classic over protective, “text me when you’re home,” or that one friend who gives you that “really? You REALLY just did that?” look. Mom friends can be obnoxious, but they’re great listeners, great role models, and they will do just about anything to make sure their friends are safe.

I’m a mom friend, and the most “extreme” my mom friend reputation has gotten was a few “Happy Mother’s Day” wishes. People come to me for advice and other things; I’m an honest person, so my friends know what they see is what they get. Being the mom friend isn’t always easy because no matter what, everyone has those friends that do bad things. As the mom friend, you need to know when to take a step back and say “Look, what you do with your life is your problem, just be honest with me.” Honesty is the best policy, especially with mom friends. What you don’t tell them, they will find out, and even if you tell them later, they’ll already know. Being honest and up front about anything is always the best. Someone can get over disappointment, but it’s harder to get over being lied to. Regardless, everyone knows when they need advice, a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on, a mom friend is always there.

Ten signs you’re actually a mom friend:

  • You always say some form of “be safe and have fun” when your friends are going somewhere
  • You are very protective of your friends
  • People have said “ok mom” in response to you worrying about them
  • You are always concerned about how your friends are doing
  • You are infamous for your lectures
  • You are the one who is prepared for anything: hand sanitizer? Check. Extra tissues? Check.
  • Your friends always come to you for advice
  • You usually follow the rules
  • You give the best hugs
  • If you’re not early, you’re late, and you know your own schedule for the week…plus at least three other peoples