Macomb Community College Art Award Night


Christopher Peraino

Chris Peraino, Staff Writer

Monday, February 4th, 2019 Macomb Community College hosted the Scholastic Art Awards Ceremony for the Thumb Region. There were 549 pieces of art accepted and showcased all the way from Almont High School to Center Line High School.

Out of the 549 pieces selected, 20 pieces came from L’Anse Creuse High School North. One student in particular that won an award was Lauren Peraino ’19. Peraino was one of 16 students selected at LCN to get selected for an award. Peraino says, “It was cool to win an award because there were so many people to submit work and to be some of the few chosen was pretty cool.” Peraino won a Silver Key in digital photography.

Three of LCN students won Gold Key awards: Sydney Johns ‘20 (sculpting), Michaela Roy ‘19 (drawing), and Alexandria Swider ‘19 (sculpting). They are three of 126 students who won the award and will be sent to the National Competition in New York. If a piece of artwork got selected, there were four categories of awards. The highest award in any region is the American Vision Award. The top regional award is the Gold Key Award. If a student wins this award, their piece of artwork will get sent to New York to be judged on the national level. Silver Key Awards were given out to over 100 students, and this award is the second highest award in the region. The third award, an honorable mention, was award to and over 200 students were awarded gave recognition for their work. Most students at LCN won Silver Key awards which would not make them eligible for the national voting of their artwork.

One teacher at LCN that had students win awards was Sheila Springsteen. Springsteen teaches digital photography levels one and two. Springsteen stated, “We had four silver keys and two honorable mentions in digital photography.” Photography was not the only category that won awards here at LCN; there were also drawing, painting, sculpting, and ceramic making.