Are You Affected by Weighted GPA?

Victorianna Beels, Business Manager

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Weighted Grade Point Averages (GPA) are introduced from the beginning of a student’s high school career. As a freshman at L’Anse Creuse High School – North, you are eligible to take one Advanced Placement (AP) class. For many incoming freshman, this is a pretty big deal. You are entering a big, scary high school, you will have to make new friends, and you would be placed in your first college class. This early exposure to a college-level class and a weighted GPA stresses how important your GPA is to your future.

One of the perks of taking an AP class is the point five (0.5) GPA boost you get added when you pass the AP class. For many, this is the reason that a busy student pushes themselves to work harder and take on a college class when they are still in high school. Many had always asked why it was only AP classes that received this reward for their hard work when honors classes also provided this intense work load. This questioning had been heard by the administration and was resolved.

At the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, L’Anse Creuse Public Schools announced that the GPA boost policy was about to change – and for the better! After a whole semester of talking about this potential change the previous school year, the school board finally decided on what they were going to do with these boosts. L’Anse Creuse is now allowing honors classes to receive this GPA boost. L’Anse Creuse is now allowing honors classes to receive this GPA boost. Students enrolled in honors classes will now be receiving a point two five (0.25) boost to their GPA if they pass their class. In addition to the honors classes now being included, the school board also concluded that they would allow the AP test to give students an opportunity to improve their GPA as well. If a student registered in an AP class signs up to take the AP test and received a score of a three or higher- a passing grade – they would receive an additional point two five boost to their GPA.

This new news left students incredibly excited! Sarah Switzer ’20, states, “I think it is definitely a good thing! It is good for kids who take hard classes to be rewarded for their hard work rather than having their hard work punished by a lower GPA.” This positive feedback on the decision made by the administration was a common occurrence among the student body. This was also a popular opinion among the teaching staff as well. Mrs. Esshaki, Honors English 10 teacher, states, “I think if a student decides to challenge themselves, then they should get the boost.” She then says that she believes that grades in honors classes should not really matter as all that matters is the challenge the student brings for themselves. But, if the student is already getting the boost for their AP classes, then why not offer that to the honors students as well?