The Golden Corridor of Sterling Heights

Carter Genslak, Staff Writer

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Sterling Heights has spent over $300,000 on a giant gold ring named the Golden Corridor. On January 17, 2019, the construction of it was complete and it was placed on a median along M-59, near Lakeside mall. There has been much debate over this and a lot of jokes made.

Wanting to hear what Michael Taylor, the Mayor of Sterling Heights, had to say, I had the opportunity to speak to him. I learned what the meaning and the symbolization of this corridor is: a Chinese symbol for unity. This corridor is supposed to unite the surrounding cities and townships including: Chesterfield Township, Macomb Township, Clinton Township, City of Utica, Sterling Heights and Shelby Township.

The 35-foot-tall ring is part of the $1.8 million M-59 Golden Corridor landscape improvement project designed to call attention to the area, retain focus on existing businesses, attract new ones and enhance property values. The city of Sterling Heights hopes that the businesses down Hall Road will gain more customers in the near future.

Hearing people talk or reading their thoughts on social media, it was clear they thought it was a waste of the taxpayer’s money. Many people think the money should have been used elsewhere, like roads and parks.

Many people took to the internet to poke fun, in fact, there is a Facebook page called “The Golden Butthole of Macomb County”.  Almost 10,000 people have liked this page, which likely means they find humor in it.

Regardless of people’s thoughts and feelings, the Corridor is up and Sterling Heights is extremely proud of it.