Dream Street

The Creation of ‘Yippeekiyay’ Car Accessories


Gina Hofbauer, Features Editor, Photographer

While it may seem like every high school student dreams of being a rapper, fashion designer, or something along those lines, few have what it takes to peruse and succeed in a job they build on their own.  That’s what sets senior Dorian Burgess apart from most other students at LCN.

For most of Burgess’s life, he has loved cars and been fascinated with them. He and his brother Tristan, 20, have decided to team up. With their passion for cars and high end-fashion and Yippeekiyay was the end result. Yippeekiyay was dreamt up by the Burgess brothers and will soon come to life. The company will sell their own automotive and accessory apparel. While Dorian really enjoys the design aspect, he says, “Our business doesn’t have the motive to become a fashion designer company; our focus is more towards automotive,” The company strides to give a nostalgic yet fresh 80/90s Japanese racing vibe.

You can purchase a wide range of products from the Burgess duo such as shift nobs, interior pieces (such as cup holders, because many cars surprisingly do not come with them), all sizes of stickers, and apparel. Burgess claims there are over 80 designs in the works for the twosome. While Burgess gets to create and produce items he is indoubtley passionate about, the end goal for their company is simple: “We really want to bring what was such a golden age back to life.”

You can contact and check out new and upcoming merchandise on Instagram at @yippeekiyay.us. A website is currently being designed to carry out orders; however you can order accessories through Instagram DM (Direct Message) as well. Products have an affordable range of 6 through 35 dollars. It’s a small price to pay for Yippieekiyay’s vibrant, fresh, and most importantly great quality product. Next time you find yourself searching for a new item to enhance or spruce up your vehicle, think of Yippieekiyay and help support two aspiring entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality.