Welcome to the 60s!


Keonna McQuerry, Reporter

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On February 21, 22 and 23, L’Anse Creuse North’s theater program performed the very well-known and highly anticipated musical, “Hairspray”.
Based off of the 1988 film, Hairspray was turned into a Broadway musical production in 2002, later in 2007 was made into a modern day movie, and in late 2016 was performed live and was televised with NBC’s Hairspray Live. If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what Hairspray is; it’s set in the 60’s and a young dance-loving teen, Tracy Turnblad (played by Bina Khan, ‘19). Tracy has a dream of being on “The Corny Collins Show” (Corny played by Billy Zambelli, ‘19) and also has an even bigger dream of bringing all races, shapes, and sizes of people together through dance. “I can really relate to my character [Tracy] because, she’s very happy and giddy, and I’m a very happy and giddy person. I’m also very accepting of others and I’m very open much like [Tracy],” Bina Khan’19 said. “ Tracy is a very positive person, and I’m extremely happy I got play my dream role for my last play of high school!” Cast members of the play have been rehearsing for the show since November, and have been working their very hardest to put on an amazing show. “At first preparing for the show was a little stressful, for me personally because it’s just such a different character than what I’m use to playing, but also for everyone I think because the closer the show approaches, the more fast pace everything is.” Billy Zambelli, ‘19 stated. “We did have a few setbacks with all the snow and ice days but with the way things turned out I’m really proud of everyone!” Cast and crew members have also stated that working on this show has made them all close, which made working on the show an even better experience, “ “One thing I’m for sure going to miss is going to be the whole cast,” Brayden Hunter, ‘19 stated, “most of the people I’ve known and worked with for four years now, and it’s going to be very difficult for this to be [all of the seniors] last show with one another and move on from it.”
LCN’s theater group has worked very hard on this musical and did an amazing job with their performances, and LCN cannot wait to see what’s next!