Family Ties in Room 114

Mr.Mignot Moves into His Fathers Old Classroom


Erin Koscielski, Photo Editor

This semester at L’Anse Creuse High School North, Mr. Mignot relocated to his dad’s old classroom.

Mr. Mignot’s father was previously a Social Studies teacher here at L’Anse Creuse North, and Mr. Mignot, also a Social Studises teacher, has expressed a desire to finish up his teaching career in his dad’s old classroom.

Other than the classroom once belonging to his dad, Mr. Mignot’s desire for relocating was “just a change really… I was in this hallway for 22 or 23 years so I kinda just missed this hallway… and I like this location better.”

Mr. Mignot’s students also enjoy the new location. His new room is near the choir and band rooms and was previously Mrs. Hickey’s room. Meanwhile, Mr. Pardi took up Mr. Mignot’s old room. This classroom will be Mr. Mignot’s permanent classroom and he will not make another move.