LCN Students Making A Difference

Victoria Myers, News Editor

 A group of LCN students has set out to make a difference in the world. They go by the name Team Save A Light; this team is working to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). Lead by seniors Julissa Grulke, Bekka Plitz, and Billy Zambelli, this team is working to raise as much money as possible by March 8.

  Team Save A Light first began last year when senior, Maddie Hutchinson, was a candidate in the Student of the Year Campaign. The campaign is designed to teach high school students leadership and fundraising skills. Grulke, Plitz, and Zambelli all participated as members of Team Save A Light last year and are now candidates as well. The fundraising campaign began with the kick-off on January 17 and will close on March 9.

  The group began to prepare for the campaign in late 2018; they attended workshops and training sessions to gear up for their journey ahead. “Doing the training helped me gain a certain understanding of how to help those in needs and help myself gain a confidence on asking for donations and sponsors for the LLS organization,” said team member, Chauna Love (Bisbee) ‘19. Before setting out, the group sent over 100 letters to friends and family members to get the word out for their cause. Multiple fundraisers were held, including 3 at MOD Pizza. Despite their hard-work to raise as much money as possible, it is not just any old competition or fundraiser for them. “LLS is not just a fundraiser. It is finding a way to stop cancer for good,” said Hutchinson.

  The three candidates have their own reasons for participating. “I decided to do it because I have the opportunity to help those who need it most and to not take it wouldn’t make sense. Everyone deserves the right to live a healthy and happy life so if I can help someone get that then I will,”said Grulke. Plitz has a very practical reason for participating in the campaign “Many people have been affected by Leukemia, Lymphoma and other related diseases. I want to make that less of an issue. I know that we can’t completely wipe out the diseases, but I want to make them less common. I want fewer people to know what it’s like to have a family member, or a friend diagnosed or to have passed from these diseases,” said Plitz. Zambelli is fueled by the happiness working with LLS gives him. “Working with LLS truly warms my heart, because knowing that I am able to help someone who is in need of treatment of this horrible disease; that’s enough satisfaction to keep me happy for life!” said Zambelli.

  Taking part in this campaign has opened the eyes of its participants, including team member, Savanah Sucara ‘19. “You don’t realize how much cancer can affect you until to happens to you or someone close to you. It happens far to often, thanks to LLS we are attempting to put a stop to blood cancers!” said Sucara. The topic of blood cancer hit close to the team this year, as the Honored Hero named by LLS is also a senior at LCN. Deondre Lemmons was diagnosed with T-Cell Non Hodgkins Lymphoma at age nine and was found to be cancer free on his 12th birthday. “Overall I was just proud of them for taking a step to even make a difference in the world,” said Lemmons. He has a deep admiration towards the members of Team Save A Light for their participation. “Words cannot describe how thankful and blessed I am to be around and know such good company that would take the time out of their busy lives, at the busiest point in our lives to step up and help others, that’s just amazing in its own right,” said Lemmons.

  Team Save A Light’s members have worked extremely hard in order to raise money for LLS, and the journey is not yet over.

Help them to meet their goal of raising $50,000. All donations are tax deductible and go towards finding a cure for leukemia and lymphoma, as well as aiding research for other types of cancer.”