Sexual Assault in Neighboring Schools

New Haven Basketball Coach and Rochester Teacher Charged with Sexual Assault


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Rochester High School Teacher,Kathryn Houghtaling, 26, at trial after being charged with 3 counts of criminal sexual conduct

Gina Hofbauer, Features Editor, Photographer

We live in a world where many places that were once deemed safe no longer are. When a parent sends a child to school, there is now a fear instilled if they will ever return home. However, there is another threat looming around the corner that many don’t look into.

In the short span of this year, two local high school staff members have been charged with sexual assault involving at least three students. One case is in our own backyard at New Haven High School. The girls’ varsity basketball coach, Latwan Turner, was arrested February 3, at the Red Roof Inn when he was found preforming sexual acts with a unidentified minor in his car. The 17 year old female has been confirmed to of been under Turners coaching’s at the high school. In a statement written by the New Haven superintendent, she claims that Turner has been placed on leave from his coaching position “until further notice”. Sources say while Turner lives at home with his wife and children, he also works a night job in Chesterfield Township.

The second case, which is not as close to LCN, but too close for comfort, takes place at Rochester High School. Not only is this case just as skin crawling as the others, but the predator also happens to be a woman, which is more uncommon when it comes to cases of sexual assault between students and teachers.  Special education teacher, Kathryn Houghtaling, has been charged with six accounts of third degree criminal sexual conduct. Sources at 7 Action News claims Houghtaling was caught having sexual relations with two students both in an apartment and car. Unlike Turner, Houghtaling was immediately fired which earned the support of many parents of Rochester High school students.

“Parents entrust their children to be mentored by their coaches,” Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith said on behalf of Turners case. “We place our children’s lives in their hands every day. This man’s actions are an outrageous breach of that sacred trust. We are determined to hold him accountable under the law.” A sense of shock is shared by parents of both schools and surrounding schools. It’s hard to imagine that someone who is supposed to educate and inspire students can take advantage of them.

We place our children’s lives in their hands everyday”

— Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith

As awareness for sexual misconduct between students and teachers heightens, it is important to stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings. If you hear or see any inappropriate interactions between students and teachers, you should always tell someone, or at least speak to the student involved. If you personally feel threatened or concerned by staff member’s actions, tell a trusted staff member or family member right away.