NHS Students Helping Out At Carkenord

Erin Koscielski, Photo Editor

This year National Honor Society students were given the opportunity to mentor Carkenord Elementary students for community service.
The idea behind the program was to either be a friend or assist students who need a little extra help. The teachers who did sign up for the program teach kindergarten through fifth grade.

Erin Koscielski

Typically the teachers will pick one or two students to send out with the mentor. The students will play games with the mentors. If there is extra time the teachers will send out different students to play the same game. The purpose of these games is to help them with their spelling or math.

All of the mentors seem to enjoy the program. Aysha Hassan ‘20 states “I enjoy being able to bond with a bunch of different kids.” Kendal Griggs ‘20 also states “I like working with the kids.” Kelly Romero ‘19 also enjoys the program “I enjoy working with the kids and getting to know them.”
The students also enjoy seeing the high school mentors. The students love playing the games with the mentors and enjoy being able to spend time with high school students. All of the mentors have agreed that they love being able to help these kids out through this program.