If You Have a Lane, You Have a Chance


Victorianna Beels, Business Manager

On February 2, 2019, schools from all over Macomb County

-ranging from D1 to D3- schools arrived at L’Anse Creuse High School- North bright and early for the annual Macomb County Swim Meet. At 9 am, 20 schools arrived at North and leaped into the frigid water to begin warmup for their long day of races.

After the completion of the National Anthem, the first race of the day had begun. The 200 Medley Relay had been kicked off by the official just to the right. This was the amazing start to the meet that the Crusaders needed to start off their County Meet. The Crusaders A relay, (AJ Archer ‘21, Timofei Ivanov ‘22, Kyle Mowid ’19, and Jarrett Geddes ‘21), made MISCAs to begin the meet right. MISCA, Michigan Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association, hosts a swim meet for those swimmers who qualify. This meet is to honor the swimmers who put in the hard work for their teams and the coaches who coach them. This incredible performance began the meet just right and pushed the rest of the team to have a marvelous meet. In addition to this relay qualifying for MISCA, Parker Brown ’19 made the cut in the 500 Freestyle, and the 200 Freestyle Relay, (Timofie Ivanov ‘22, Kyle Mowid ‘19, Parker Brown ‘19 and Jarrett Geddes ‘21), made the cut as well. These new additions to North’s M

ISCA line-up brought the count of our swimmers up a grand total of five swimmers.

As the meet continued, more and more feats were achieved. In addition to the MISCA cuts, seven swimmers achieved best times. Two records were also set during this swim meet. Kyle Mowid set a Varsity Record in the 200 Individual Medley, and Timofei Ivanov set a Freshman/Sophomore record in the 100 Breast Stroke. “My legs never hurt that much in my life, but to be honest I don’t really care much about the record. I just love to swim and it felt really good to contribute to the teams overall earnings at Counties.” Mowid ’19 exclaimed.

By the end of the meet, all the swimmers were proud of their performances, but ready for the meet to finally be over. After all the hard work the boys put in throughout the day, it was time to hear the results. The boys stood anxious to hear the results of the meet. The announcer finally began to announce the results, “Fifth place is… L’Anse Creuse High School- North!” The boys were not the only ones who were excited about this occurrence. Coach Michael Owensby states, “I was hoping to just finish in the top ten at the meet, and the

team finished fifth, only three points behind Fraser!”

If you are interested in going to watch the Crusaders Swim Team swim a meet, they have the MAC White Division Meet February 21-23 at L’Anse Creuse High Sch

ool- North’s pool!