Student Section Bias

Brenna Filbey, Copy Editor

Dear student section,

PLEASE spread out the crusader love and support to ALL sports. Lacrosse, swim, soccer, basketball, track and field, and several other sports are lacking in a student section, and while they might not be the most popular among students, they still deserve recognition. The student section is the motivation behind the players; if the student section believes the players will achieve, then the players will feel the comradery from the crowd.

For example, girls’ soccer is starting up, and both JV and Varsity look promising. Attending different sporting events gives the student section time to shine. Come up with fun, new, outrageous themes that distract the other team, out cheer the other team’s supporters, and players, and start telling your friends about your games. If your friends don’t understand the sport, help them understand why the sports entertaining to see; attending sporting events where you understand the rules makes it that much more fun.

Speaking of the fun, spirit themes can always take on a new spin. Come up with fun ways to make noise makers: maybe a community service project? Include others on planning the themes and hype up each sports game. More people going to games show other schools that we support every sport- not just one.