Kraft in a Trap

Patriots owner caught in prostitution scandal

Neko Licavoli, Staff Writer

The New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, along with 24 others, are being charged with soliciting prostitution in Palm Beach, Florida. Since being first charged with this, Kraft has pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor count of first-degree solicitation.

Although Kraft received these charges, he can avoid prosecution with a new plea deal that offers to drop his first-degree solicitation charges. In exchange, he must serve a number of hours doing community service and paying fines. If Kraft wants his charges dropped, he must admit they were guilty of being there. Even though Kraft and the others being charged with human trafficking may not have been aware of human trafficking being involved, that should not mean Kraft should receive a different consequence than anyone else should just because he is an NFL owner. As of now, Kraft and the others have not been charged with any connections to sex trafficking. Many others would agree with that but the prosecutors have reportedly offered the same deal to a number of the men being charged with the same charges as Kraft.

Aside from Kraft’s legal consequences that he may face, he is also facing possible fines from the NFL due to his misconduct. To date, the NFL has yet to determine what punishment and/or fines will be held on Kraft. The NFL is waiting on the charges on Kraft to go through to determine the punishment Kraft will have to face. When first being charged with first-degree solicitation, Kraft denied any illegal activity, and has yet to decide whether to accept it. Kraft is expected to appear in front of a judge on March 28, 2019.