Cheap Fun Options at Comerica Park


Shane Sellers, Staff Writer

Ah yes, baseball season is upon us. It may only be high 30’s and low 40’s, but here we are! The long offseason is over. We’ve all been there- we want to enjoy our time down at the ballpark, but it seems like our wallets are $50 lighter than when we showed up. As high school students, we don’t have that kind of money to be spending unless you only go to one game all season. Here’s a guide to ways to get the most enjoyment out of going down to a Detroit Tigers game at Comerica Park this season, while not spending your entire paycheck in one night.


This seems to be where we get ripped off the most. You drive down I-94 onto I-75, and everyone’s excited to get out of the car and smell freshly popped popcorn. Not so fast; the only thing you are smelling first is the smelly uniform of the parking lot attendant that’s about to collect up to $50 in some instances before you even step foot into the park. There are some ways around this.

One of my favorite spots to park is in the Ford Field parking deck. While it is a good half mile walk to the park, it only costs $15 to park there. On the Tigers-managed lots, prices range anywhere from $15 to $25. While the price may be the same, the cheaper lots are often further than the Ford Field parking deck.

Another great option is to go onto . Stubhub is the official second hand ticket market of the Tigers. With Stubhub, you can search for that day’s game, and the parking passes for that game will also appear. If you wait until closer to first pitch, parking can drop to close to $10 in the Tiger Garage, which is directly connected to the stadium.

Finally, if you are still uncertain about purchasing parking at the ballpark, the Tigers offer a convenient online option to reserve your parking spot before you show up to the park. If you click on this link it will take you to the parking page where the “Reserve Now” button is located.


Ok, so now you have successfully parked your car and need to find a way to get into the park with a ticket. The very best way to purchase tickets is to go onto Stubhub. On weekday day games during the summer, tickets can go for $5. For example, last year on Easter Sunday evening, tickets sold for as low as $2.

While the Tigers website does sell tickets and is the most popular way fans purchase tickets, by no means is it the cheapest. Their prices do not change based on weather conditions or the team the Tigers are playing. The whole goal here is to get the cheapest seat available.

A little-known trick is to purchase a standing room-only ticket. You are probably thinking, “I don’t want to stand all game, why on Earth would I buy that?”

While you are technically buying a ticket that requires you to stand all game, the Tigers are known for being extremely laxed when it comes to enforcing tickets. I know this because I often did this last season. I would grab the cheapest seat available, and I sat four rows directly behind home plate. Not one usher all season asked to see my ticket.

To recap, your best options are to grab the cheapest seat available and wait until only a few hours before first pitch to purchase your tickets. Prices will definitely drop the longer you wait if they are not selling.


Now we are getting to the fun part. You’re hungry, thirsty, and mad that the Tigers are already getting blown out, but it’s only the third inning. It’s time to make your way out to the concourse and get your grub on.

The single greatest ballpark food item is a hot dog. The Tigers charged $4.75 for a hot dog in 2018. That was 10th cheapest in all of Major League Baseball, according to While that is a decent deal in-it-of-itself, the single greatest deal is the hot dog combo meal for only $6. That means for only $1.25 more, you can get a drink and a bag of chips. That’s a steal.

The single best meal option is the chicken tenders basket. For only $10, you get three large chicken tenders, and a bunch of crispy french fries. It will fill you up for the entire day.

For drink options, the best choice is definitely the souvenir cup. Not only is it reusable, but it’s the best bang for your buck. It costs $7 and it can last you the whole game.

In terms of snacks, the best snack to grab is definitely the cinnamon roasted almonds located along the concourse. For only $6, you get a pretty large-sized bag that I typically save half for when I get home. Also, popcorn and nachos are a staple in any baseball fan’s diet. For frozen treats, the frozen lemonade and dip and dots are perfect. Be careful for prices on the dip and dots. Those are $6 for only a small can, so it may not be the low cost option students want. However, on a hot day, does it really matter what the cost is when it’s 95 degrees out?

New to Comerica Park in 2019, the Tigers announced “Home Run Happy Hour”. For the first hour after gates open to the stadium, fans can purchase cheaper food options located at the Pepsi Porch in right field. A 24 ounce pop is only $3, while hot dog and burger baskets are only $5. Again, this is only sold at the Pepsi Porch one hour after gates open, so get there early if you want to take advantage of this deal.


Besides the ballgame, what cheap, fun options are there to do during the game? Some of the best things to do are free.

A popular area fans frequent is the center field statues where Detroit Tigers immortals are forever remembered with a statue. You can spend hours reading their plaques and taking pictures next to the statues.

Another great option is to walk around the concourse. There’s a bunch of fun games set up, seating areas, and cell phone charging stations to chill at. While walking around taking all the sights and sounds in, take a look at the Tigers “Walk of Fame,” a historical display that envelops the walkway around the lower level. Historical elements celebrating the Tigers rich history from the 1800s to the present take you on a trip through time, including six large “decade bats” that denote each era in Tigers baseball with artifacts, photos and display cases.

The best part of Comerica Park is their carousel and Ferris wheel. For $2, you can ride either attraction. The best is the Ferris wheel, as it gives you a unique view over Detroit and you can see the new “District Detroit” and Little Caesars Arena. These are great pre-game things to do. It also gives you an escape from the Tigers game should they be getting annihilated.

Last but not least, the Tigers offer a postgame fireworks show every Friday night home game. This display lasts nearly 15 minutes, and is regarded as one of the best fireworks shows in metro Detroit. All you have to do is remain in your seat after the game is over and wait for the spectacle to start.

Wrapping Things Up:

The experience at Tigers games this summer should be a fun one. The goal here is that fans can walk away without their pockets being empty. With these few tips, you can save significant money at the park.

Keep in mind, there are two security changes at the park this year. Similar to L’Anse Creuse High School North, the Tigers announced that only single-compartment string backpacks will be allowed into the stadium. No strapped backpacks will be allowed. Purses and medical bags will be allowed, but are subject to inspection. If you plan on bringing a cooler to the game, remember that only soft coolers will be allowed. Hard-shelled coolers will not be allowed into the park.

The other major security change is the ticket policy. Only mobile tickets on a phone through Stubhub or through the MLB Ballpark App will be accepted. No screenshots of tickets will be accepted. Printed tickets will also not be accepted.

Have fun at the ballpark this season, and go Tigers! The home opener day is less than two weeks away!