Little Shop of Horrors

Keonna McQuerry, Reporter

On March 8-10, Pankow Performing Arts center (PPA) put on the musical production, “Little Shop of Horrors”. “Little Shop of Horrors” is a horror-comedy, rock musical that follows the life of a hapless florist shop worker, Seymour Krelboyne (played by Jordan Bay ‘21). Krelboyne raises a plant that feeds off of human blood and flesh and names the plant after a woman (played by Shelby Wunderlich ‘19) he adores.
LSOH’s opening night was at 7 p.m. on March 8. Their opening night was very entertaining and full of surprises and laughs. “[The show] definitely turned out the way everyone wanted it to,” Wunderlich ‘19 stated, “Little Shop is my all time favorite show, and I think PPA did it justice perfectly. We all added our own little quirks to our characters and made them our own and I think that’s what made the show so great, it’s different than any other production of LSOH I’ve ever seen!” LSOH performed three nights in a row, and each night a special guest was Audrey II’s (Played by Kevin Lane ‘21) meal. The first night was (Pankow Honors Geometry teacher) Mr.James Nuechterlein, the second night was (L’Anse Creuse High School North’s Dean of Students) Mr.Michael Poljanic, and the third night was (Pankow MST Biology teacher) Ms.Chandler Missig. “Playing Audrey II was super fun for me because it took a lot of time to possess that type of sly attitude.” Lane ‘21 continued, “ I can relate because [Audrey II’s] attitude is kind of mischievous and I guess I can kind of be like that sometimes too.”
The cast of LSOH can all agree on two things; one that the play was fun and turned out amazing, and two working on the play was just as fun. “I’m going to miss my cast family.” Araja Cherry ‘20 (trio member, Crystal) continued, “Their supportive vibes got me through the show and I miss them extremely.” But even fun things can have its stressful moments at times, “The role I got was my dream role, I already knew [Audrey] like the back of my hand, so [the character] wasn’t too challenging, but when it came time to perform I got the flu out of absolutely nowhere and had to perform through [the flu] for 2 out of 3 of the shows! Now that was challenging!” Wunderlich ‘19 stated.
Pankow English-Acting teacher and PPA play Director, Mr. Kirk Erickson has put on many of PPA shows, and this is just another one to add on to his list of phenomenal of productions he has directed, also this year he did receive some help from a former, Crusader Katy Nelson on this production of LSOH.