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  • March 18Congratulations to LCN Combined Choirs and LCN Select Ensemble, who earned Division 1 ratings at festival and qualified for States!

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Victorianna Beels, Business Manager

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After a long 19 hour flight, the 2019 winter camp Chinese exchange students landed at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, excited for their American adventure in the weeks to come.

Chinese students from Shenzhen (深圳) and Harbin (哈尔滨市) were given the opportunity to fly over to America and spend either a week or two weeks shadowing an LCN student throughout their school day. The students from Shenzhen stayed for two weeks, and those from Harbin stayed for one. Throughout their time here in America, they all were faced with many learning opportunities and struggles along the way.

For many of the students, this was their first time to be in America, but also the first time in a colder climate. The students from Harbin are used to the weather we have recently been experiencing as they are from Northern China. The students from Shenzhen; however, had just seen snow for the first time when they arrived. During their stay, we had experienced another snow day to add to the series of snow days just a week earlier. For them, not only was the culture a new experience, but the weather was also a new experience as well. Steven ‘20 (陈昂/Cheng Ang), a foreign exchange student from Shenzhen, states, “The weather in Michigan is good, and I like it very much, but the weather in Shenzhen is also good.”

Many of the students struggled with a language barrier in the classroom. Many of them have very good English skills, but the teachers speak so quickly that they struggle to understand. Aaron ‘19 (蔡耿岱/ Cai Geng Dai), another student from Shenzhen, states, “There are a lot of differences between China and America. First is the diet. In Chinese schools, we have more types of food than American schools. Chinese schools generally have more floors, such as our school has six floors, and my junior high has twelve floors. I think the biggest difference though is the teaching methods used here.”

These students had a lot of courage. Many of them came over to the United States just for the experience. But many others came over to see what life in the United States was like in order to potentially scout for colleges. Based on their experiences with their shadow students, many of these students are attempting to come back to America to go to college. “I’m trying to get into an American University,” Steven said, “I’m thinking about a few Universities in Michigan. I want to go to Michigan State.” These students consider coming over to America for their graduate studies to look for a more successful life in the U.S. and to go to a good college over here.

In addition to the experience of the Chinese students, for many of the shadow students, this was an incredibly new experience as well. Many of these students who volunteered to have the Chinese students shadow them know little to nothing about China, the culture in China, or the Chinese language. Only a few of the students who volunteered have been enrolled in Chinese class here at North. Annabell Yang ‘19, a Chinese Four student, says, “Knowing Chinese beforehand was very helpful to me because I was able to connect with them more and learn more about the culture and language.” For those enrolled in this class, the experience was easier and more enjoyable.

If you have any interest in hosting an exchange student, being a shadow partner, or taking Chinese class next year, please look into it! This experience is an incredible and once in a lifetime experience. It allows you to learn about the culture of China, learn a little bit of Chinese from your partner, and to make a new friend who lives all the way across the world.

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Victorianna Beels, Business Manager

Name: Victorianna Beels

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