Freshmen and JV Lacrosse Preview

Let's Give the JV Some Support

Nayely Espinoza-Perez, Opinions Editor

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 This spring season,  LCN’s Lacrosse teams (Varsity, JVA, and JVB) are in it for the win once again. With Scott Light being JVA’s Coach, Gary Malburg being JVB’s coach, and Steve Hunter being the Varsity Coach, it will be exciting to see how the coaches bring the best out of their teams.

  Unlike last year, this years JVA Lacrosse team has more of an advantage than last years. With the help of juniors—who were in Lacrosse the previous year as sophomores—they are able to bring their experience to the field and help the team improve this season. When asked about the weaknesses of the team, Coach Light expressed, “I have my first year players as sophomores that have second year experience this time, and I am hoping that they will help me out since they don’t have much experience”, then added, “my goal for the season is to win a good handful of games with previous kids that weren’t very successful.”

  Lacrosse practices consist of staring with some conditioning, passing drills, and individual skills (ball protection, shooting, ground balls). After, the athletes go to offense and defense practice which normally leads them into scrimmage all in efforts to make it look smooth and seamless at their games. In addition, last year’s overall total goals were 127 compared to 2017’s score which was 78. That is a difference of 49, and Light plans on increasing that overall score this year too.

  In addition, this year’s captains are as follows: Ashton Cetnar ‘21 , Connor Casper ‘21, and Toby ‘21.

  Lacrosse is known as the fastest game on two feet; it’s like hockey with the speed of soccer and basketball which is why coaches encourage others to come support Lacrosse games.