Happy Death Day 2U Review

Expect the Unexpected, Expect the Expected, and then Expect the Unexpected Again

WARNING: If you have not seen Happy Death Day or Happy Death Day 2U yet, be sure to watch them before you read this. There will be some spoiler alerts.


Two years ago Happy Death Day, a movie that received very generous reviews, was released on October 13. The film was a movie that knew itself; it was a movie about murder- nothing more and nothing less. With Jessica Rothe playing the role of Tree Gelbman, the one who dies over and over again, and Israel Broussard playing the role of Carter Davis, Tree Gelbman’s lover, he helps her figure out why the same day keeps recurring. Both were able to successfully make an appealing performance. Even though the movie was relatively repetitive, the audience did not seem to mind, not to mention that the cliffhanger towards the end left the people wanting to know what happened after. “Was the movie repetitive? Yes. Although, it’s a movie where no matter how many times things happen repeatedly, you just still want to know what happens at the end”, says Jaqueline Perez ‘21. This led to the creation of Happy Death Day 2U.

Released on February 13, Happy Death Day 2U was up to interpretation to most: the reviews varied amongst the audience. Because the sequel was fairly close to the first movie, many disliked the constant repetition. However, Happy Death Day was more of “solve a mystery in order to save my life” while Happy Day 2U included a more significant meaning. In the sequel, Tree Gelbman’s mom is alive in another dimension. This interesting conflict within the movie intrigued the audience. With the discovery of a machine in a science lab (which was responsible for the recurring days), the many plot twists, several humorous scenes, and the emphasis on the matters of life, it is no wonder that a good amount of the people would enjoy the movie.


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