Show the Girls Some Love

One Snap Can Make One Small Difference

Keonna McQuerry, Staff Writer

Late February, Viviana Palmer ‘21, posted on her Snapchat her concerns with gender inequality with LCN basketball teams, “How can you let an entire girls program go unnoticed for their victories but then praise the male counterpart that is 1-20?” she wrote. “People are pushing for gender equality everywhere you look, but is anyone going to acknowledge the fact that it is happening in our own high school?”

Palmer wanted to shed some light on the gender equality issues with L’Anse Creuse North’s basketball teams. “In basketball, especially with the girls, I just feel like they don’t get the same representation as the boys when it comes to attendance at games and other things as well.” This is something that can’t really be denied; for example, at one of the boy’s basketball games, to get students to attend, they gave out Tropical Smoothie coupons with the tickets; however, the girls’ basketball team has never had anything like that before. Little things like this do have a major effect on the attendance of the games, so if things like these are being done for the boys, they are going to have a bigger crowd. If nothing is being put out there for the girls, then students aren’t going to be as motivated or as willing to show up to their games.

Palmer did receive some backlash from her snapchat post. Some students did reply back to her Snap, some of the comments that were made stated how the boys’ basketball team did feel somewhat attacked and that some people, “just like watching male sports.” Palmer elaborated on what she was trying to say: “Some people focused more on the aspect that I was calling them out on their season, which I wasn’t trying to do.” She continued, “I was just trying to shed light on no matter how [the boys] did they still got endless support and promotion for their games, but the girls couldn’t get that same [support] for their winnings and their victories.”

This is also something else that is true; a while ago the girls went up against Anchor Bay, and won. This game was a big win for the girls, but the next day, nothing about it was mentioned in the morning announcements.

Basketball isn’t the only sport Palmer feels has a gender inequality problem.  “It’s not just basketball either, it’s happening in other sports.” She stated, “It’s just in our society that boys will always get treated better, especially in the sports realm, it’s definitely more noticeable, like with the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), Women’s National Soccer Team, just teams that do just as well as the boys do, that are still getting underpaid and don’t get the recognition they deserve.” Palmer continued, “I think it’s just silly how people are trying to change [gender inequality] out in the real world, but nobody is acknowledging the fact that this starts at a young age. Little girls get told that they’re not going to be as good as the boys, and that’s not right.”

Since Palmer’s post, she has tried to push the message on, and talked to Mr. Ballee -the Athletic Director- and talked about this issue in hopes to start making a change. Since then coupons and fun themes have been put out there for the girls’ basketball team. They have made more announcements about upcoming girls basketball games; even during the Pet Wars assembly, the girls were called up for recognition and to tell people to come out to support them for their game against Anchor Bay. That was a close game, but our LCN girls came out on top with the win.

Thanks to Palmer ‘21, and the students who forwarded on the message, small changes are being made in order to make things fair with our sport teams for a better tomorrow. Yes, these changes are minor, but it’s a start, and that’s better than nothing!