Deaths From The Canyon

Abby Reeder, Entertainment editor

The Grand Canyon: a remarkable landmark that is visited by millions of people each year. The Grand Canyon may be an amazing sight, but like most beautiful and natural things they can become very dangerous if you do not respect their space.
Recently, there have been two separate deaths at the Grand Canyon only two weeks apart. One man was identified as a man in his late 50’s from Hong Kong. Investigators said he had fallen from the Eagle Observation skywalk. The skywalk was apparently closed when the man was there so he tried to take a selfie next to it and slipped on the edge and fell to his death. There are only about 12 deaths a year at the park and very few are due to falling. Most are caused by dehydration, heat, and drowning.
The park rangers sent their love and prayers to the family of the man. The Eagle Observation has since been reopened for tourists to take their unique pictures safely.