2019 Retirees: Ms.Willoughby

Chris Peraino, Reporter

*Due to a recent buyout initiative offered to various teachers in the L’Anse Creuse district, L’Anse Creuse High School- North will be saying goodbye to eleven retiring teachers. All upcoming retirees were contacted by the North Star staff and asked if they would like to have a last interview with the North Star published as a way to recap on their memories and years of teaching as well as a way for the North Star to keep their memory present in crusader nation. The North Star wishes nothing but the best for our future retirees as they start a new and exciting chapter of life.

   Q: How long have you been teaching?

 A: I have been teaching in L’Anse Creuse for 33 years and one year in Roseville. I’ve taught elementary, middle school, and high school.

   Q: How long have you been teaching at LCN specifically?

   A: 14 glorious years!

   Q: What department do you teach in?

   A: The fabulous ART department.

 Q: What is your favorite memory while teaching?

   A: There are to many to pick one! To this day I can still remember my interview when I was hired in L’Anse Creuse, so one of the greatest was receiving that phone call from my principle, Jim Dooley, that I have been chosen to teach at Middle School North. Receiving the Teacher of the Year Award at MSN was an amazing honor as was Teacher of the Month here at LCN. The other memories are the daily smiles and laughter’s of my students! I will TREASURE those.

Q: Advice you have for future teachers or students?

A:  For future teachers….I always tell someone who is considering teaching to make sure you LOVE working with kids.  The rest can be developed, but if you don’t have that initial love for being around young people, you will not be happy in your career choice.

   Q: What will you miss most about teaching?

 A: I will so very much miss my students! They make me laugh and smile every single day! I love working with them and watching them develop artwork that they had no idea they were capable of. I will miss my colleagues who are really more like family than coworkers. The staff at HSN is truly an amazing group of caring people. You don’t find that at many work sites. I have been blessed to be part of that loving group for many years.

Q: How would you like your students to remember you?

 A:  I hope they will remember that I truly loved my career and them.  I would like them to remember that learning could be fun.  It was my goal to make every student feel important and worth my time.  Someday, I would hope they would look at a piece of artwork and appreciate the effort and time it took for someone to create that work.  If they have that memory of my teaching, I would feel accomplished.