2019 Retirees: Ms.Audia

Billy Zambelli, Reporter

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*Due to a recent buyout initiative offered to various teachers in the L’Anse Creuse district, L’Anse Creuse High School- North will be saying goodbye to eleven retiring teachers. All upcoming retirees were contacted by the North Star staff and asked if they would like to have a last interview with the North Star published as a way to recap on their memories and years of teaching as well as a way for the North Star to keep their memory present in crusader nation. The North Star wishes nothing but the best for our future retirees as they start a new and exciting chapter of life.

In 2019, after 26 hardworking years, one of L’Anse Creuse High School North’s beloved math teachers, Silvana Audia, will be retiring. Audia has put in so much hard work into the math program and business classes here at North. She has even taken on the responsibility of running the school store for the 2018-2019 school year. Audia has put such a heavy impact onto this school, and is going to be missed dearly.


Audia has recently said that what she will miss the most about L’Anse Creuse North is the students. The students are what gives her the motivation to get up every morning and come into work. Students often wonder if anything in particular inspired her to become a teacher; Audia said that in grade school, she was very good at math. Once all of her classmates came to her for help complaining about how much they disliked math, she was told several times that she’s very good at explaining it! She’s been told all throughout her career that she’s very good at making things easier, and simpler, for others to understand.


When you work with a group of individuals for as long as Audia did, you make relationships that go on outside of work. She has said that the people she will miss working with the most are Sandra Formanczyk and Lori O’Neal. They always have each others backs, no matter what!


Now with this being the last senior class Audia will get the opportunity to work with, she has some advice for the seniors as graduation is approaching. Audia has said, “Always put your best foot forward, in whatever you do. Always present yourself in a good way no matter where you go, you never know who’s going to judge you.”. Although it’s bittersweet to see Audia retire, she’s very excited to be starting this new chapter in her life!


Audia is someone who is always looking for an adventure. Her plans after retirement are just the beginning of a new adventure. Audia says, “My plans are to keep teaching at Macomb Community College, travel a lot, and to open a restaurant with my son!” Although her time at L’Anse Creuse High School North is coming to an end, her teaching career will continue at Macomb Community College and she truly feels that she will never be done teaching.