Senior Skip Day

Brenna Filbey, Copy Editor

Senior skip day: the unofficial senior decided day off. Numerous seniors feel that senior skip day should be official: with all their hard work, they’ve earned it. If the day is official, the seniors would earn an excused absence.

“At least the one that happens before SATs yes…I don’t really see a point of going to school if we aren’t needed for two days,” says Grace Hunter ‘19. Even sophomore Kaylee Cobb agreed. “It should be an official thing…it’s a fun day for seniors, and it’s not like it’s a secret.”

While many think the seniors have earned the day off, other think that the day is unfair because all grades are not included. Freshman Adena Tanner shares her views: “It shouldn’t [be official] because it’s still school…it’s for a reason…because of senior skip day some teachers don’t even plan lessons.”

Another freshman, Mason Zaniewski, shares a similar view. “It shouldn’t [be official] because [skipping school] is the choice of the individual person.”

Also, the requirement of “days in school” might not be met if the seniors decide what days they skip, and another problem: should the students decide?

“The kids should decide,” Cobb ‘21 said. Not surprisingly, most seniors want to pick the days they skip.

To make the seniors’ dreams come true, students should take action. People could go to the school board with a petition, and if provided with specific dates that seniors/staff feel are not crucial to learning (day after spring break), administration might give the students their wish.