Meet The Military Child Of The Year: Elizabeth Polleys

Morgan Sputa, Editor-in-chief

Every year Operation Homefront recognizes seven of the most outstanding children (13-18) to represent a branch of the armed forces; such as the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard. Children are chosen based upon their leadership, involvement in school and out of school activities, as well as their volunteer work. The seventh child chosen by Operation Homefront is given the Booz Allen Hamilton award for their work within making change in their community (and beyond) with creative and new ideas.

One of our very own students here at L’anse Creuse High School North has been selected as the Army branches “2019 Child of the Year,” junior, Elizabeth McCallum Polleys. Polleys’ mother is a Major in the US Army in the Jag Court, as a lawyer. “I was honored to receive this award, because I feel like military children do not get recognized. When my mom first told me I won, I didn’t believe her, I thought it was a joke, but then I found out she was serious and I was so happy and I started crying”, said Polleys. “I’m very proud and honored to be able to represent children of military parents. I want them to know they’re not alone and to just know that they’re all brave and strong.”

Due to being born into a military family, Polleys has lived in many places starting with being born in Italy, moving to Washington state, then onto Virginia, Missouri, back to Virginia (within the D.C area), then back to Missouri, and then her latest stop has been Michigan. Polleys has attended seven total school since preschool. “Of all the places I have lived, Hawaii has been my favorite. The atmosphere, the people and the food we’re amazing. Everyone made you feel like a part of the family.” To officially receive her award, Polleys was able to travel back to a former hometown of hers, Washington D.C. “While I was in D.C, I got to meet so many people that are just like me, but come from so many different backgrounds.”

Polleys is very much into volunteering and helping out others and her community. In school she is involved in the National Honor Society and Link Crew programs as well as having a year in the ‘Go Green’ club under her belt. Outside of school, Polleys volunteers with the “Curvy Girls”, a scoliosis support group, which hits home for Polleys due to the fact that she was diagnosed with scoliosis. Elizabeth Polleys is also involved in the worldwide organization “Job’s Daughters” and “DeMolay.”

Polleys has pondered on following in her mother’s footsteps; but, for now, she is happy to volunteer and make change within her community and the world.