Mrs.Esshaki Leaves Her Mark On LCN

Esshaki retires after eleven glorious years at L'Anse Creuse High School-North.

Keonna McQuerry, Reporter

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The world is a big place, full of all different types of people with different cultures who all live in different cities. Some people think it would be amazing to be able to live in some of these awesome cities and just explore these places and get to learn more about different cultures and the people there. Very few people are able to experience what that’s like, except for one individual who is very dedicated to diversity and learning new things when it comes to culture: Sheila Esshaki.

Mrs. Esshaki, an English and ESL (English Second Language) teacher at L’Anse Creuse High School North and Diversity Club advisor, has been a teacher at LCN for about 11 years. Before coming to LCN, she had previously taught at Bilkent Laboratory and International School in Ankara, Turkey. This is just one of the three countries that she has lived in. She has also lived in, Caracas, Venezuela and Cairo, Egypt, and has taught in all of these countries. Esshaki lived in each city for about 1-2 years. “ Some teachers get the chance to teach around the world,” Esshaki explained, “and I was was one of the lucky few who was able to do so!”  With a long list of countries she has visited, Mrs. Esshaki can now add Prague to that list.

Now that the word has gotten out, it’s true, Mrs. Esshaki is leaving LCN in February of 2020, and is moving to Prague. “I’m moving to grow, change, improve, see the world!” Mrs. Esshaki exclaimed, “I will be teaching there,” she explained, “ I can’t teach under my husband who will be the head of the upper school (high school), but I might teach middle school or ESL (English Second Language) to elementary.” She later on explained how her husband got a principal position at a high school in Prague, and because of this she has to move with him. Even though she will be living there, she did explain that she will be coming back, “This is my home.” she continued, “ I will come back every summer and Christmas, and probably after I retire, but for now it’s Prague. Maybe Chile, Lebanon, Costa Rica… who knows!” She also explained what will be happening to her children, and their living arrangements, “My daughter, Mia, is moving with us. My son, Omar, lives in Portland, but he is a huge traveler and can’t wait to have a Prague home base.”

Mrs. Esshaki has so much to look forward to in the near future, but she is leaving such a big reputation, and a large group of students and staff behind. Tori Myers ‘19 stated, “She has made me both a better person and a better writer. She signed me into AP Lang and encouraged me to challenge myself to be a better writer.” She continued, “ She was one of the first people to compliment my writing and I wouldn’t be going where I’m going without her.” English 9 and newspaper teacher, Mrs. Macomber, also has be influenced by Mrs. Esshaki stating, “ Mrs. Esshaki is one of the most caring individuals I have ever met. She is a phenomenal teacher and an even better human. If I am able to achieve even half of what she has in her career, I will have been a successful teacher. She is a true inspiration of what I hope to be.” She continues, “ She has taught me that people will remember how you treated them and that it is important to take advantage of all of life’s opportunities while remaining true to yourself.”

Mrs. Esshaki has done so much for LCN and the students. She looks at the cultural problems here in our school and finds ways to actively fix them (i.e Diversity Club). She is a woman full of knowledge and wisdom, that she wishes to share with the world, “ What I say to my own kids all the time is that when you come to the end of your life, you are responsible for your actions, not the actions and behavior of others. Live your life so when you are accountable, you can be proud.” Her message to Diversity Club, “ In the spirit of Diversity Club and its message, we are not only responsible for our own kids and family; we are responsible for all kids and families.”