Should Seniors Have to Take Final Exams?


Source: Science News

Gina Hofbauer, Features Editor, Photographer

Many underclassmen highly anticipate the start of their senior year. Not only is it the start to your journey of leaving high school, but senior year is also known as the ‘blow off’ year where you’re supposed to get easy classes or not have much work. However; once senior year hits, students learn that is not always the case.

Senior year can be full of stress. This is when you apply and find out college admissions; apply for countless scholarships and loads of other paperwork begging to be done in order to graduate.  At L’Anse Creuse High School North, students must apply for their graduation honor chords even though they are rightly deserved instead of the office helping distribute the merited chords. Any effort made toward graduation is placed all upon the student including all forms, ordering caps and gowns, and so much more. It’s seemingly simple tasks such as that which pile up during senior year and causes a great deal of stress. This brings up the question if seniors should have to take final. Certain elective classes do not make a senior take a final as long as their grade maintains a certain balance or percentage; however, other core classes like Math and English make taking their final mandatory.

It’s safe to say a college or university’s tuition can steadily burn a hole in your wallet. Many students find themselves applying for scholarship or financial aid (FASFA). To try and separate themselves against other applicants, many seniors find themselves taking AP or honor courses. This only adds fuel to the fire due to the fact that AP classes are a double in work from regular classes, and therefore; cause even more stress for students. Some students may also have to work multiple jobs in their effort to save for college. That gives them less time to work on their studies outside of school.

Despite popular belief, being a poor test taker is a real thing. A large exam could be what determines if a student graduates or not. The main logical reasoning for final exams is to determine if a student has retained enough material from a class to move on, as well as test their brains capability and strengthen it.  Doesn’t our school test us enough to determine our strengths, wits, and capabilities? Between Midterms, SAT’s, M-Step, and the other countless tests and quizzes our teachers hand out, you would think that would be enough. Within those numerous tests and quizzes\, teachers track and document students’ progress and how much they’ve understood different chapters/subjects. Therefore; taking the final exam would not give teachers information they don’t already know.

Due to the never-ending stress of senior year, I believe seniors should not have to take final exams as they cause plenty of more stress upon us.