Guest Speaker Offers Philosophy on Life

Brenna Filbey and Neko Licavoli

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On Wednesday May 8, speaker Craig Boykin was brought in to LCN to speak to students. He separated girls and boys into two different groups: the boys’ assembly was fifth hour and the girls’ assembly during sixth hour. In fifth hour, it was the boys’ turn to be talked to by Boykin. During his speech, similar to the girls, he talked about his life story and difficulties he endured. In addition, he talked to the boys about sports like football, and the crazy salary he makes for these types of speeches. Making $5,000 for speeches just like this, he was a very wise man, saying very inspirational and motivational things and things that he has learned from his past that has inspired and motivated him for his future.

In the girls’ assembly, he spoke about his life and the hardships he overcame. He told the girls that it was so important to never get hung up on a guy, especially if that guy has physically abused you. He also spoke of how his mom stayed with someone abusive and the impact it had on him as a child. Boykin spoke of the importance of mothers protecting their children no matter what. The girls’ assembly was full of laughter and cheers: he said very inspirational things. He also answered questions about college, his relationships with his family, and his views on education.

“Education has the ability to transform your entire life,” he said. Boykin also strongly encourages some form of education past high school. He explained that he hopes his audience understands his overall message: “Do not allow [your] mom and dad to define what you do in life. You can change your life.”