NHL Playoffs Hitting the Ice

Chris Peraino, Repoter

The National Hockey League (NHL) Playoffs have begun, and all the big hitters are skating on the ice in April and May for a chance at the Stanley Cup. The playoffs began on April 23rd with 16 teams and only one team can lift “The Cup.”

Coming off the regular season, these teams had the best record in the NHL and have the only chance at winning the Stanley Cup. A quick recap from the first round, in the Eastern Conference, the Columbus Blue Jackets sweeps the with the best regular season record this season, the Tampa Bay Lightning 4-0, Boston Bruins beat the Toronto Maple Leaves 4-3 to move on, New York Islanders swept Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Carolina Hurricanes beat the reigning NHL champs Washington Capitals 4-3.

From the Western Conference, the Colorado Avalanche beat the Calgary Flames 4-1, the San Jose Sharks beat the Vegas Golden Knights 4-3, the Dallas Stars beat the Nashville Predators, 4-2, and finally the St. Louis Blues defeat the Winnipeg Jets 4-2.

Looking into the second round, there are many good teams remaining. A surprise from the first round, the Tampa Bay Lightning were favorites for winning the Stanley Cup for their amazing record, but Drake, a world famous rapper, who every time he puts a team’s jersey on they lose a series or the championship for example he wore an Alabama jersey and they lost in the College Football Playoffs, he must have put on his home cities jersey and the team must have gotten the “Drake Curse.” The four teams coming out of the second round and playing in the conference championship are the Boston Bruins facing the Carolina Hurricanes from the Eastern Conference and the St. Louis Blues against the San Jose Sharks from the Western Conference.

Riley Siwajek, ’21, states, “I want anyone from those four teams except the Boston Bruins because I just want to see someone else besides the Bruins win.”

The Eastern Conference Championship starts on Thursday May 9th at 8 p.m. Boston plays against Carolina for a “shot” at the Stanley Cup. Out of these two teams, Boston is the favorite to move on because of how their goalkeeper, Tuukka Rask, has been playing outstanding, and the 6’9 monster, Zdeno Chara, locking it down on the defensive side.

Lane Janssen, ‘21 states, “I want San Jose to win because I want Joe Thornton to win a championship; he deserves it.”

The Western Conference Championship starts on May 11th at 8 p.m. San Jose plays against the St. Louis Blues. From these two teams, San Jose is the favorite to move onto the Cup with the leading point-getter in the playoffs, Logan Couture who has been play outstanding this postseason.