Honors Project

Victoria Myers, News Editor

The Senior Honors Project, a privilege offered only to seniors with GPAs at or above 3.0. The project gives these select students a chance to get firsthand experience with their future career.

It is understood that there is a GPA requirement for the project in place because it is the “Honors” Project, but is 3.0 really where the cutoff should be? There should be a GPA requirement without a doubt, but 3.0 seem a bit high. The requirement should be lowered to 2.75. Now, this may seem a bit low, but many colleges do still accept students with GPAs of this amount. These students still have career goals and deserve a chance to get experience.

These students would be much better prepared with on-the-job experience than with sitting in a classroom for an additional three weeks. They would still have opportunities just like those with a 3.0 and would not be hindered by their slightly lower GPA.

Lowering the GPA requirement would also allow more students the opportunity to join, especially after the low turnout for the project this year. The lower requirement would positively affect the number of participants in the project.

The students would be held to all the same standards and this change should certainly be made. Students with 2.75 GPAs are just as deserving of this opportunity.