School Rules

Victoria Myers, News Editor

Throughout the last four years at LCN there have been several changes made,  ranging from teachers, administration, dress codes, and  backpacks. These changes could be likened to a roller coaster, but the ride is not over yet. Rules and guidelines are meant to be restructured when they are no longer effective or necessary.

Most LCN students are very outspoken when it comes to the newer rules that have been put into place. Specifically, they refuse to accept the backpack policy. The backpack policy is honestly not the harshest rule that has been put into place as of late and should not be changed. String bags are enough for students to be able to carry their school materials around, and they could actually make use of their lockers.

There is one other selection of rules that rile up LCN students more so than backpacks: the Dress Code. The senior class on particular is very passionate about mending the Dress Code. Several students have been dress coded for clothing that they believe that follows the policy. The rule in place for shorts, dresses, and skirts is the fingertip rule. Now, this rule seems to be a bit ridiculous, as everyone has different proportions- such as height and weight- and some people will be able to get away with what others can’t. Rather than using the fingertip rule there should be a length put in place. To what length I do not know, but the current rule is certainly ineffective and singles out certain students from others.

Another part of the Dress Code that could use mending would be the rule for head coverings. No, this is not about hats; it’s about cultural head coverings. Keonna McQuery, a senior at LCN, was dress coded for wearing a scarf to protect her hair. While this was not for a religious reason it was worn as a part of her culture. Black women wear scarves over their hair to both protect it and to cover it when they do not feel it is looking its best. This rule should allow these scarves because they are something necessary for the students to feel comfortable. Isn’t that what LCN is all about?

Several other rules at LCN could be changed, but these rules in particular would make a much more comfortable environment at LCN for all students involved. After all, aren’t students supposed to feel safe and comfortable going to school?