Was Broykin Worth it? May 8th Assembly

Brenna Filbey, Copy Editor

Dear LCN,

Did everyone enjoy the assembly on Wednesday May 8th? How many students skipped? Was the 5,000 dollars we paid for Craig Boykin to come in and preach (I mean speak) worth it?

Did you just do a double take at the amount we paid him? Yea, I did too at first. I understand that the district puts aside a certain amount of money for speakers and presentations, and that it’s to “motivate and inspire students.” Which sure, Boykin did. But how much is really in that fund? If the school paid him 5,000 dollars for just Wednesday- he presented to both students and teachers- that’s a lot of money; especially when LCN needs other things such as new books, more lined paper, or more technology.

I also understand that yes, those things are expensive, and yes that fund can only be used on presentations etc., then why make that fund so big? To motivate students, the school needs to have better technology, or before that option, basic necessities such as the lined paper and toilet products we always seem to be out of. The school could also put that money towards more bathrooms. And the other important question: what did the students think about it?

“I liked it, but it’s like some people already know this stuff,” Hannah Gurecki, ‘20 said. Multiple people agreed with her, saying they were taught these things by their parents or had learned by making the mistakes. Some people didn’t even go: “I heard it was a waste of time,” Lance Filipiak, a junior, shared.

However, others did feel motivated. “I think it’s good if people can relate, and learn from the assembly,” said Molly Allard, ‘19. I also felt really inspired to keep working in school, and I felt like Boykin really did do a good job speaking. But, at the same time I still feel that LCN could’ve used this money much more effectively.