LCN Link Crew Kick-Off

Chris Peraino , Reporter

Link Crew is a tradition at L’Anse Creuse North. All up and coming juniors and seniors lead the freshman into their new school, and throughout the new school year.

To apply, current sophomores and juniors create a video describing why they belong on the Link Crew. It only needs to be 30 seconds to one minute in length. It could be a talent, funny, serious, or just anything creative. Once people get inducted, they meet in the summer for a couple meetings and training for showing the freshman around.

Freshman orientation is the biggest, most exciting event the new freshmen will do to kick off the new school year they will interact with the students from each middle school, (Middle School North and East). You do not just get a tour of the school, but you also get to meet new friends and meet some cool upper classmen. They play games, have snacks, and learn some of the basics about high school. The orientation usually lasts around two hours, and is the longest event, because the students learn about the school and what each classroom is.

Once the school year starts, the Link Crew leaders will see you in the hallway and answer any question about what class you need to be at or just anything in general, and on special occasions, give you a special treat or gift for the holiday.

Up and coming juniors and seniors have ants in their pants to find out if they made it into Link Crew.