Summer Pros and Cons


Squash Moncton

Nayely Espinoza-Perez, Opinions Editor

Summer Pros and Cons

With summer just around the corner, high schoolers are looking forward to the fun adventures it holds. Whether it may be spending long summer days outside in the sun getting a tan, splashing into the fresh pool, or camping out in the wilderness, summer has its positives and negatives.



  • The sweat: The sun might be doing our skin a favor, but who knew we could sweat so much…literally.
  • The Boredom That Takes Place: Summer is fun, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t days where you feel like picking up knitting as a hobby…okay maybe not to that extent but pretty close. You’ll be surprised what you’re capable of, my dear.
  • Long, Long, and Long Car Rides: It may be a road trip, but what are you going to do to entertain yourself during those long hours?
  • Humidity: Feeling sticky is not fun.
  • Our Crawly Friends: Bees, mosquitos, grasshoppers, flies…the list could go on. These crawly creatures aren’t fun.


  • Memory Loss: Unfortunately, most students forget how to study, write, or even think critically. It’s ok, just keep focusing on getting that tan of yours.
  • Working: Working full time…that’s when depression hits.
  • The Weather: Feeling the hot heat for the first couple days of summer is nice-given the fact that the Michigan weather isn’t so friendly- however, you start realizing that immense hotness isn’t the move most of the time. Air conditioning and Netflix is the go!
  • Reflecting: Let’s face it, summer is a time where laziness takes place, but realizing and accepting the fact that you’re lazy and unproductive is just a sad realization.
  • Sunburns: Figuratively, red is a hot color…literally…maybe not so much.
  • No Routine:  That’s right, with time being at your feet, how could you want a routine?
  • Summer Classes: For those of you who are deciding to be productive (I’m glad someone is), summer classes can get expensive.
  • Summer Assignments: Come on, it’s summer time! We don’t want to devote some attention to our homework assigned from our A.P. or Honors classes.



  • Summer Breakups: Truth be told, not every relationship lives up to “for better and for worse”.
  • More Free Time = Less Money: With more free time in your hands, the more time there is for you to spend.





  • The Perfect Tan: Enough of that fake tanning streak of yours, go outside and get a natural one.
  • Dates: If you’re in a relationship going to fairs, firework festivals, concerts, etc. would be fun!
  • Outfits: The need to dress nice is not a question. You have so many cute outfits to show off.
  • Schools Out: No school. No early mornings. No stress. IT’S TIME FOR SUMMER!
  • The Food: Cold, fresh fruit salads, Popsicles, hot dogs and burgers, do we need to go on?
  • Staying Up All Night: Lets face it, everyone goes to bed around 5:00 am in the morning. Don’t worry, I don’t blame you.
  • Events That You Need To Attend: The fish fly festival, carnivals, museums, amusement parks, water parks, concerts, and many more events that occur during summer is just another excuse for summer to have a purpose.
  • Watching The Breathtaking Sunsets and Sunrise: Yes, you can see the sunset and sunrise any time of the year, but there’s just a comfort that there is when you feel the light breeze and summer rays directing towards you in the summer.
  • The Atmosphere: Unlike Winter, Fall, or sometimes Spring days (if you consider rainy days), Summer brings sunny days; therefore, making it an atmosphere where everyone is just in a better mood with smiles on.
  • Relaxing: It’s morning. Relax, you don’t need to wake up for school. Those days are over, for now at least.
  • Absolute Tunes: Even though our favorite artists bring out good songs no matter what kind of season it is, they still don’t fail to bring those summer vibe songs to add to the excitement.
  • Exercising: It may not be for all, but playing a sport for fun and doing outdoor activities just sound more enjoyable during nice weather. Summer does bring the best out of one.


  • Getting Community Service Hours: Perhaps this is considered school-related, but helping out your community for a good cause is never a bad thing to consider. Stop snacking on those chips and start getting those hours in.
  • Looking At Colleges: This may not apply to all, but it’s never a wrong time to look at colleges or even applying to them if you’re a Junior, not to mention that summer is a great time to apply for scholarships and job shadow.
  • Creating A Summer Bucket List: There is nothing more satisfying than creating a summer bucket list and crosses things out as each day goes by. Give your summer a meaning!


Overall, summer is a great time to spend time with friends and family. No matter what one days, anyone can make a summer day worth.