Venezuela’s Conflict With Nations

Nayely Espinoza-Perez, Opinions Editor

Venezuelan ruler, Nicolas Maduro, was prepared to leave the country for Cuba. Many asked what was it that triggered Maduro to, at one point, consider leaving the country. However, it was not him that wanted to leave but it was rather his own people that wanted to overthrow him as a dictator.

Due to Venezuela being a country with famine, getting rid of Maduro was the last hope for the country to have a shot at a hopeful future. However, as it turns out that soldiers have been brainwashed into killing their own citizens and being rewarded as loyal commanders. What this says about the country is that it is in need of salvation, but the people appear to be in need of a reality check.

Furthermore, Maduro’s allies- Cuba, Russia, China, and Iran, have all contributed countless money towards La Carlota military airbase which have trained soldiers to ruin any plans that others may have on ruining the regime. Daniel Di Martino, a publisher for shares, “In exchange, these nations, especially Cuba, got free oil and drilling rights. Negotiation with these actors is futile because, with a democratic Venezuela, their government-sponsored narcotrafficking and free oil days would come to an end, and they know it.”

Russia and the United States may be supporting Venezuela; however, both countries are supporting different political leaders which can cause tension between Russia and the United States. Russia is supporting Maduro which is theoretically said it’s because Russia wants a connection to oil, and the United States are supporting the other man, Guadio. When Mr. Ebury was asked about what he thinks about this conflict he said, “When the United States gets involved with other countries foreign policies without being asked, it can make things complicated. I wonder if the United States is supporting people or people in office that side with their economics.”