Save the Earth

Abby Reeder, Entertainment editor

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A new trend is stirring and it doesn’t include shoes or a hairstyle. This new trend includes metal straws, reusable water bottles, and recycling. There have been environmental issues going on behind the scenes for years now and people are finally uncovering them and taking action. Around the world about half a million straws are used every day, in one year that equals to about 182,500,000. The worst part is each straw is only used one time. This plastic that has only been used once will stay in oceans and landfills for decades. Straws made out of metal and bamboo is becoming more common. Water bottles are another detrimental plastic that takes many years to biodegrade. Many people are now starting to use reusable water bottles to reduce the amount of plastic bottles. These actions are really needed in order for our environment to survive. Without small actions like these our time on earth will run out in just a short number of years.