I Promise That You’ll Never Find Another Like ”ME!”

Review of Taylor Swift's New Hit Single, "ME!"

I Promise That You'll Never Find Another Like ''ME!

Tori Beels, Business Manager

For months now, Taylor Swift has been teasing a secret seventh album to come out later this year. Fans are going CRAZY with conspiracy theories and analysis of “Easter eggs” hidden throughout her social media.
Three months ago, a post appeared on Swift’s Instagram feed that sparked fans interests. This post featured palm trees that appeared to be oddly placed. Fans have theorized that the three trees on the right of the image represent her first three country albums, the two on the left represent her two pop albums, and the one in the middle represents a new, unannounced album.
Although this is what many fans believe to be true, nobody knows if the picture is really truly that cryptic. But Swift is going to keep it that way. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Swift revealed, “I love to communicate through Easter eggs, I think the best messages are cryptic ones.” Swift finds joy in her devoted fans continuing to stay involved and come up with their own ideas about her new works.
Throughout the years of her stardom, Swift has always been one for Easter eggs. The singer’s favorite egg mediums consist of clothing, fingernails, set design, and music videos. Every moment has a hidden message, and that is the fun part. The fans are always left wondering, “What’s next?” when it comes to this oddly cryptic singer.
Near the end of April, Swift finally released her new hit single, “ME!” featuring Brandon Urie. For the last three weeks, this hit song has been floating up Billboard Hot 100 top charts, topping off at number two.
After the release of Reputation in 2017, Swift teased that she would be taking a turn leading her back into her country singing roots. Homey pictures took over her social media and at a fan meet up in Nashville, Tennessee, many fans were excited about the country comeback. Although this new song did take a turn back to the basics, it was a little too far back to the basics.
The song has a catchy beat and loud, exciting backup vocals, the song is lacking one thing… smarts.
With lyrics like “Hey kids! Spelling is fun!” and “One of these things is not like the others, like a rainbow with all of the colors.”, it makes you wonder if this is the same Taylor Swift who had once wrote “Dear John”, the song that brought people to tears. This is a song someone would play in the car driving their toddler to preschool every morning; not jam out to sitting in their cars by themselves after a long, hard day.
It is an acquired taste, and this song one that some might feel deserves a chance. Give the song a good listen and decide for yourself whether the new Taylor Swift song “ME!” to be a part of the fabled album, “TS7”, is worth all of the hype.