Welcome to LCN, Mr. Battaglia


Brenna Filbey, Copy Editor

Mr. Battaglia interview

How long have you been teaching?

13 years.


What subject do you teach?

Art, Computers, and Tech.


Tips for a student to succeed in your class?

Come prepared. Be an active participant. Take time to produce work that is thoughtfully and carefully executed.


Hobbies during/ outside of school?

I enjoy taking in, and making art. I love food; I like to cook and visit ethnic restaurants of all types, Asian and Mexican being among my favorite. I love watching movie and enjoy epic, special- effect filled productions like Jurassic Park, LOTR, and the Marvel Universe.


What are you most excited about when joining the LCN staff?

I am most excited to be working with students who are motivated to learn to draw and paint and develop their own unique style.