Jane the Virgin Season 5 Review

Brenna Filbey, Co-Editor-In-Chief



   Season five of “Jane the Virgin” officially aired on television in March of 2019. The popular T.V. show’s last season has been released on Netflix with the last episode being released on August first. Overall, I really enjoyed the last season; it gave the show a lot of closure, and I feel as though the show has answered everyone’s questions.

   For those of you who don’t know, Michael comes back. I have mixed feelings about this, especially considering he once again interrupted the real love story between Rafael and Jane. However, this all worked out, as issues usually do in the telenovela, and Michael and Jane finally have their own storyline to themselves.

   Xoimara (Xo) and Rogelio finally hear happy news as well, and Alba (Abuela) finds love again. The Petra plot twist was slightly shocking, but in the end everything worked out really well, and I absolutely loved the character development that happened both in this last season and over the last five seasons.

   The relatability and authenticity the show has is a breath of fresh air, and while it is slightly over dramatized, the show perfectly captures the crazy twists and turns life throws at you. I love the family aspect of the show as well, as it shows that while not every family is perfect, everyone is always there for each other through everything.

   One last plot twist that I absolutely love was the narrator. Season five teasers revealed that viewers would find out who the narrator is, and while it was slightly predictable, the reveal of the identity was fabulous. I will not spoil who the narrator is, so if you’d like to find out you’ll have to watch the show!


Rating: 4.5 stars