The Guide to Being the Perfect Student

Brenna Filbey, Co-Editor-in-Chief/ Features Editor

You hear about them all the time: the students who won yet another award, got a good grade on their paper, or are just considered teachers pets. They’re considered the “Perfect Students.” Here’s how to be a little more like our halo-ed peers.

Ask questions:
Questions are so important when learning something new. The kid who asks a lot of questions usually gets the best grade; they want to know the details, and they want to get involved. If you’re confused, ask for help. Teachers aren’t just saying this for no reason, but the “ask a question because someone probably has the same one as you” thing is true.

Listening is important too. By listening you can learn information, and that way you won’t have to work for that info yourself. Plus, teachers love a student who listens because it helps them properly do their job. Also, if you’re doing a project, the more you listen, the more attention to detail you’ll have when doing that project.

Be Organized:
Write down deadlines, due dates, or maybe even get your homework done early. Anything that you can check off that endless to do list is great. Responsibility is another thing too. Make sure you keep track of papers and other important materials, so you don’t have to ask the teacher for another one. Planners and color coding things can also help to keep your plans in order. TIP: if you’re going to miss a day of school that you know about, get your homework ahead of time.

Time Management:
I’d deem this probably the most important skill. Time management is vital to being considered a “Perfect Student”. Good time management leads to a good sense of responsibility. Without a schedule or motivation, one tends to procrastinate which can spiral into late assignments and other things. The main thing is to just keep on top of assignments and to know your schedule.